Writing is a new endeavor for me. Here you will find posts that I have written myself.

Since I am new to writing, I welcome constructive feedback and would also be interested in a collaborative learning effort. — Poetry, verse, writing prompts, flash fiction —

Warning: Stormy Forecast

Forecast: Dangerous stormsThunder, severe lightningTornado warningsAs ashen cloudsRace across dark skiesWe watch, we waitHours passWind rustles the treesRain dampens the grassSkies clearThe sun comes out Just another false alarm

First the Storm, Then the Spring

From grey dark cloudsRain pours downThunder rumblesA lightning flashRain to soak the earthBreath life and awaken spring Tomorrow’s sun warms the earth Forms buds on trees Flowers bloom Sweet fragrances fill the airSoon to welcome springMarch 20, 2021 WELCOME SPRING!

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

This week’s Wednesday Challenge on gc and partner Susan’s site is the word Beautiful. Friends and family gathered for the couples big day Light poured through the windows bathing the church in warm sunshine,. The ladies dressed in their finest and men in suits, starched shirts ties waited. Flowers adorned the alter while beautiful music …

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Friday Facts – Feb 19

IN THE NEWS Perseverance On July 30, 2020 NASA launched a missile with Perseverance, a Rover destined for Mars. The Mars Rover Perseverance landed safely on the planet Thursday, May 18th. Its mission is to study the planet’s surface and atmosphere and collect samples for return to earth, perhaps paving the way for human exploration. …

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