Creative Writing is a new endeavor for me. Here you will find stories, poetry and verse that I have created myself.

Since I am new to writing, I welcome constructive feedback and would also be interested in a collaborative learning effort. — Poetry, verse, writing prompts, flash fiction —

A Fair, A Celebration – It is an event for the senses

Soon the gates open to the New York State Fair celebrating the State’s agricultural industry. When we walk through we encounter a cacophony of sights, sounds and smells. We find barns filled with cows, pigs, chickens and horses, prize winning animals raised by young farmers. Our senses are alive! We tour buildings with products from …

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On the Demise of a Skink

It is with regret that I report the sudden demise of Skink No. 1. Skink No. 1 was seen entering the residence of Pamela and Robert Johnson the afternoon of Friday the 13th. The owners gave chase but were unable to capture the evasive skink. After several hours of surveillance and pursuit, Robert was able …

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