Life and Living

On Life and Living I share thoughts on my life and living happily despite any adversity around me

Living with a neurological disorder (Essential Tremors) life is a challenge. But I attempt to face all challenges to reduce stress and maintain a positive attitude.

Four for Friday  – May 14

Fabric softener sheets – for more than just to toss in your dryer Clean Dust from Electronics Screens Your television and computer screens are notorious collectors of dust. Their static electricity attracts dust like a magnet. Fabric softer sheets not only remove dust, they prevent static build-up. Gently wipe down your television and computer screens …

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A Monday Motivator

This is your Monday morning reminder that you are amazing and you can handle anything. I am working on a couple new posts and plans for my blog that I think you will like. In addition, I want to expand my reach with other social media in the near future. Procrastinator is my middle name. …

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Today is a New Day

The primary thing writing and basketball share is the sense that each time you go out, each time you play or begin a piece, it’s a new day. You can score 40 points one game, but the next game those points don’t count. You can win a Nobel Literature Prize, but that doesn’t make the …

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Four for Friday  – April 30

FOUR FOR FRIDAY IS TAKING BREAK THIS WEEK TO REFOCUS! Please stay tuned. Thanks to all for your support.

Four for Friday  – April 23

Of the many interesting and enjoyable people I see during the week, the following Blogs stood out this week: From Empress2Inspire – Be Inspired Dementia Communication Guide Part 2 – Dementia has shown up in several of my family members. Mom has dementia, so this was a “diamond-in-the rough” (the vast amount of information available). …

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