Life and Living

On Life and Living I share thoughts on my life and living happily despite any adversity around me

Living with a neurological disorder (Essential Tremors) life is a challenge. But I attempt to face those challenges by reducing stress and maintaining a healthy, positive attitude.

Travel – The Experience of Learning

Try to travel, otherwiseyou may become racist,and you may end up believingthat your skin is the only oneto be right,that your languageis the most romanticand that you were the firstto be the first.Travel,because if you don’t travel thenyour thoughts won’t be strengthened,won’t get filled with ideas.Your dreams will be born with fragile legs and then …

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Evil Lives, Not Only In The Dark, But Here In The Light Of Day

Dark as midnight, Evil lurks. Stalking our thoughts, our senses.Hovering, poking, prodding, Evil waits.Patient yet eager to strike and steal our soul, our life. Evil hides, illusive behind a fake mask,Existing one day as a lonely soldier in lands far awayor the kid next door, only to morph and reemerge – a new identity, a …

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A Big Burst of Sunshine to Motivate

May my garden’s flowersPut a smile on your lipsBring sunshine to your dayAnd motivate you this week! Every evening these blooms close up as in sleep. In the morning they awaken to become a rich feeding ground for bees and butterflies. They are truly a burst of sunshine every day.


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