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Food and Beverage shares my favorites with you.

From snacks to sweets, slow cooker or instant pot, non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks – you will find my culinary successes and failures here.

Friday Facts – Feb 26

SIMPLE SYRUPS This week Friday Facts is all about simple syrup. What is Simple Syrup? Simple syrup is a thick, sticky liquid consisting, generally of sugar and water. You can buy it – $5 for 12 oz. on Amazon – but far less expensive, make your own. As the name suggests, it is simple. How? …

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Dinner In An Instant (Pot)

Growing up Mom had a pressure cooker. It was scary. Everytime she brought it out we knew there would be roast beef for dinner. After browning up the beef, she would lock on the lid, put the weight over the vent and fire up the stove. When it was heated up, the weight would “rock …

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